Briquettes - it's environmentally friendly solid fuel product. Briquettes made of peat by pressing it. Your intense heat of peat briquettes beats malkas.Degimo time is 5-7 times higher than wood, and only slightly lower than coal. Peat briquettes are handy for storing and burning solid fuel boilers, fireplaces and heating homes. Their calorific value greater than the wood and the high compression blocks longer supports combustion. PB ash is an excellent organic fertilizer to improve soil composition.

PB advantages:

  • PB ash is good and, more importantly, environmentally friendly, according to the composition of natural fertilizers;
  • peat, inflammable and long the burning IOS (IOS smoldering) materials;
  • peat briquettes burning time is 5-7 times higher than wood;
  • peat briquettes as fuel ignites easily and gives a smooth continuous combustion;
  • compact storage.

Manufacturer - Belarus.
Humidity - 16 percent.
Ash content - 14 percent.
Intense heat - 3800 kcal / kg.
Dosing - big bags, bags.