Sawdust briquettes is 100% eco-friendly solid fuel, mostly produced from deciduous and coniferous trees sawdust mixture, perfectly suitable for all solid fuel boilers and fireplaces. The product is made from organic, no chemicals untreated sawdust. The briquettes are used as solid fuel ash residue of not more than 0.5 percent. Smoky little, because the wood is dry. Burning briquettes, does not pass any other potentially toxic substances, because you will not feel any unpleasant odor. Minimum heat released is 4500 kcal / kg, more than 2 times more heat than the isolated burning firewood. Sawdust is dried and then pressed at high pressure, so as to form briquettes. The briquettes are used as solid fuel for residential heating boilers, fireplaces, šašlykinėse. Compared with untreated wood fuel briquettes advantages are:

  • green, clean fuel;
  • suitable for all boilers burning solid fuel;
  • convenient storage takes 3 times less space than firewood;
  • an ash content of only 0.5 per cent;
  • by burning spark;
  • without any additives and harmful substances.

Manufacturer - Lithuania.

Species - Birch, mixed deciduous.

Humidity - 5 percent.

Ash - by 1 per cent.

Intense heat - 4500kcal / kg.

Dosing - big bags, bags.