Wood pellets - the most convenient solid fuels. Fuel supply to the boiler is automated (fill-up every 3-7 days or once per season, depending on the fuel tank capacity) and therefore does not require constant care. Wood pellets are made from natural wood waste, namely wood chips or sawdust, which is dried, ground and pressed. Wood pellets no glue or chemical additives, it's 100 percent. eco-friendly wood fuel. Wood pellets are much less moisture than wood, it is more efficient for heating fuel used. Granules very easily ignited their combustion leaves very little ash is at least two times more calorific than firewood. Because of the low sulfur content using wood pellets rarely need to clean the chimney, boiler, furnace or fireplace.

Pellet advantages:

  • up to two times the energy value;
  • long burning time;
  • low ash content up to 1 per cent;
  • convenient to use and store.

Manufacturer - Lithuania
Size - 6-8 mm.
Humidity - 8 per cent.
Ash - 0.8 per cent.
Intense heat - 4300kcal / kg.
Dosing - big bags, bags.